As a speaker…

Catherine tends to make your audience FEEL. She has a unique way of conveying the subject to people, be they polititians, school teachers, academia, governing boards, doctors… They will definately remember her talk.

So should you want your topic to be related in a unique way then Catherine is your spokes person for sure.

Pre internet speaking engagements (not so much hype, no photos nor newspaper clippings – should have known and kept them!!!):

      • Before 3000 people to present a regional project voted on by the elected locals, companies and the general public;
      • A group of surgeons-I helped prepare their speach in English- who went on then to present the topic in the States;
      • President of a parent’s association before the regional Academia crew for a project proposal;
      • In a small village to all concerned for the new project to learn about crowd funding (back in the day);

Internet ready:

United Nations  🇺🇳 WAAD 23 event (World Autism Awareness Day);

Institute Of Neurodiversity – Launch of ION EDUCATION;