Hey! What is level 1 coaching?

As a Neurodivergent,

My Coaching Work is Unique.

Having done the work, I feel what you are going through. I know there will be times when this is so difficult for you and I also know I can hold sacred space for you too. This I did not have and this is what made me come out and tell the world ‘I am autistic, I am neurodivergent and f you!’ oh the rage of it!

We are constantly having to mask, no matter what they say; we are constantly on best behaviour; always stressed to have said the wrong thing; laughed at the wrong time…. So yes if there is a coaching program that really works and I can really be me then I am in, all in.

Mental Fitness 

Here we get to exercise our ‘neurones’ in a singular way that enables them to stop the saboteurs and start to use the sage perspective. As this is during a particular time where the outside world is more tranquil, a real bonus for us, we can use this to our absolute advantage and save spoon energy 😉   The minds of both hemispheres will meander and wonder to find peace and tranquility, leaving us to forge through to the sage warrior!

Building Muscle in groups

During this process, there is a unity and accountability that sparks the joy of this work and in groups may be for you. As we all hold sacred space for these huge minds of different colours, words and vibrations we know we can grow, we can allow the injustices of the world to pass us by and just be, and just grow.


This program grows you and can absolutely change the brain’s neuronal pathways. The plus side for neurodivergents is that our sage allows us to execute with renewed vigour, excitement, joy and fun these billion ideas we have all the time. We are now able with these exercises to accomplish the bestest of tbe best.

What would be possible if you ran your mind in laser-focused clarity, rather than self-sabotaging overwhelm?

How would you feel if your emotions felt calmness, joy & abundance at the cellular level?

What would your life look like?

Imagine your relationships, both professional and private taking on a new dimension…

And during those moments where you are caught off guard (we are all human after all…!), you had a foolproof way of getting back on track within minutes in a meeting, hours for bigger problems and days instead of months for a life crisis?