OK so what is The Toroidal Frequency Lab TFL ?

Section  1.

Who is it for?

The TFL is for everyone. Everyone who wants to increase their knowledge of themselves, have less questions in their head and have meaning in their lives.

This can apply to CEO, nurses, cooks, artists, farmers, Mums…..

It is the easiest way to start a spiritual journey (the term ‘personal development’ has a shallow conotation to me personally as it does not take into account the spiritual side of YOU).  Spirituality starts with alchemy… and to change your alchemy is darn hard work – be warned. Dedication and Discipline are core elements on this journey.

We start with your cellular chemistry, to get your body in balance so that you may then have the tranquility of mind to work on the latter.

What is the TFL?

The Toroidal Frequency Lab is a series of protocols (a procedure if you will), that I created. Having the ability to ‘see’ people’s internal chemistry (top secret neurominority gift!) I know after years of experiments, clients and advanced knowledge help you to change your internal chemistry.

Why is this important?

Being in stress mode does not allow for any room for manoever or mindset changes because you are too busy being in fear, flight, freeze or faint mode… That is the lizard brain in control… 

No you can not even envisage a life more adapted to what you want (Maslow’s heriarchy of needs) because you are in the lower bracket for now, striving to get into your own safe zone – whatever that may be.

So first off let’s get that lizard brain calm, then let’s get you deciding what you want.

What outcomes with TFL?

Initially when the cellular chemistry becomes more balanced your triggers will lessen. Not overnight and not dramatically but theyre magnitude will diminish and be of less harsh.  Then this sensation of calmness will envelope you.

You’re brain will stop asking endless questions, feel somehow empty and this is soooo relaxing. 

Because your cellular chemistry is changing you also have this feeling of being whole somehow.

Slowwly, surely the love will start flowing from the inside towards others, towards nature, towards yourself.

As this is a natural processus you go at your own speed, there is no rush to GET anywhere…

I have had clients getting results like this within a couple of months, others may take a season or two, and some, like myself, years.

The fact to note is we all arrive at this delicious place of self love.

Your Journey's Path 2.

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What does TFL do? 3.

What it is. How it works. Results.

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