Master Your brain's neuronal connections.

Learn to get out of the Lizard's fright brain & Be the sage to wallow in the calmness of your intuitive, empathic mind. These tests below are just to guide you... & fun ☺️
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Whatever program you choose:

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  5. Meetings in groups each Month/Week – depending on the ‘time of day’
digital woman running with left hand fist out - it was called super heroine

How We Self Sabotage.

Since the dawn of time humans have been using the lizard brain to survive in harsh environments. Today these ways are not necessary, yet our lizard brain is forever active and nothing gets past it, for example if you are hungry during a meeting, no matter how much you try and concentrate you will think of food!  So your ‘left brain’, who generates all the negativity in the way they respond to stress cause you to: feel anxiety; self-doubt; frustration; regret; shame; guilt and general unhappiness…

How Do You Self-Sabotage?

Learn to master spotting  the triggers.

Achieve mental fitness,

Boost Your Trigger knowledge

Small exercises at first hard and difficult to master will with time become the norm. Like any other muscle you must exercise daily if you expect to get any sort of results.


Finding all this out alone was like shining a spotlight to a bunch of prisoners trying to escape, there they all were gaping at me with those eyes…. 

‘So yeah tis the best thing I did taking this course – during lockdown too – oh lordy, lordie, Lord! I had time on my hands and I really used it wisely.’