ND Females, My Programs

& Oh! How Long Before the Euphoria Wears Off?

Since the pandemic, where let’s face it for us it has been a godsend – zooms are so much better than before…

  • Going to trainings, seminars, networking events, courses and the like were so nerve wracking, draining and took about a week to get back to semi-normal from!
  • Then the integration of the information never quite seemed to hit the same spot as for everyone else –
      • note to self : as a woman I have great mirror neurones which means that I can feel like the others in the room – whilst they are all hyper and super duper I too am high on their europhoria & optimism. Yet I do not understand it !!
  • Integration of the information is not what one had hoped because one is not NT but ND!!

Great thing about new courses and events is that they are online, they offer replays and

I am in my safe place with my jammies, stimming toys and camera off!


Now I get to have my euphoria and maybe I can relate to that which everyone talks of….

All my programs are tailor made. I am visionnaire, debonnaire and revolutionnaire in everything I do. That includes taking care of you.


Generally people are sated for a long time after a short session and they come back when they next hit a hurdle. We all need a coach, especially us.

Yet a coach that gets today is not a day to be talking to anybody, that you can cancel your call at the last minute, that showing up or not is just a fact of life in the moment. Some days one is elated others no, can’t leave the quilts.


So where will you find a coach like me? On call 24/7, present at the drop of a WhatsApp bleep, that can help you during a meltdown (perhaps not so much a shutdown…) and that truly gets you?


Other times people think that because I am not of the milieu that I can not be a good coach for them – on the contrary I’ll be an excellent fit. I can challenge your thoughts where ever they are! Do not get mistaken – like I said visionnaire, debonnaire & revolutionnaire…


Try me for the best 30mins of your life 😍 Book a call



ND Females – Can we create that positive long ever lasting change?

For years I have been to seminars, courses read hundreds of books, articles, periodicals in what seemed to be the holy grail quest! And that was before I knew about my neurodivergency…

As a neurodivergent one of our traits is really being skilled at one speciality we enjoy, so you can imagine how deep our rabbit holes are, we seem to be consumed with our special interests and want to know everything about it. So yes hundreds of articles, books, and many miles travelled to get across the Atlantic to seminars trying to find this other side.

What was equally fascinating was that I was also bringing up four neurodivergent children and thus tried to impart my new found knowledge upon them, explaining in great detail to these inquisitive beings.

Man behind a wall in armour one presumes it is a castle wall. He is hitting is head with his right hand.

Twenty odd years down the line, I have even written a book about it, created courses and was going to go back to get a PhD on the changing neurosciences involved when the levels of consciousness grow…..

It was during the second lockdown, here in France, that I felt like I found The Holy Grail! I actually managed to integrate some of the ND traits into my coaching programs ! 

ND Females & My Program – The Basics.

This is a system adapted to its time in the 21st century,

  • it’s fast (6 weeks)
  • it’s fun – we have to make light of these sessions for life for us is already so hard…
  • a weekly video,
  • and accountability, something that I could use, plus studies show that you are 500 times more likely to complete something you start if you have accountability.

The main reason for the success of my program  is that:

Deals with Root Causes


  1. Mental Muscle Building.  Humans are governed by their minds and this is from day one. No seminar can change that neurological wiring in two or even five days. The main way to get permanent change is by changing those neurological pathways which is why we do look into neurosciences 101. 
  2. Operating Systems Go, Go, Go…   Here we can see how the neurones fire for our brains and what we can do to enhance certain behaviours, lessen some triggers and slowly (or quickly depending on your brain!) we get out of fear, flight mode (left Lizard brain) to the right Wizard one.

ND Females – From Fear Left Hemisphere of the Brain.

All of our stress, upsets, why we fall short and bash ourselves about and any other negative emotions we have are done by these lads and lasses that are the emotions we hold.

ND Females & the ‘Right’ Hemisphere of the Brain.

Looking at the other end of the spectrum… the positive emotions of happiness, success, joy, gratitude all come from the ‘right hemisphere’ Here are the five Sage powers; Empathise, Explore, Innovate, Navigate and Activate. These powers are for us ‘the ordinary’, the everyday.


They are definitaly weakened by the hormones released in the body, at a cellular – atomic even we shall see – level and thus the right hemisphere is ‘drowned’ out.

brain scan of ND & NT brians - the neurodivergent brain to the left shows more neurones in the visual output. To the right hand side is a neurotypical brain's visual output - much smaller.

The image:  to the right an neurodivergent  brain scan To the left  a neurotypical brain scan.

For most ND brains these snap shots are ‘de rigueur’! Even though here we can see that not the same areas are lit up at all.

Fear not, my friends, I am the same and thus when I say that my coaching either programs or mentoring can help you – I MEAN IT!

Not that your colours will be dimmed but rather you will be less in fright mode thus more incliend to use your potential to a fuller scope to start with – then to its fullest.


Kinghts on a quest- Monty Python's Holy Grail

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