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How can you not want to know?

This question came up in a test on some neurodiverse questionnaire ….


“When I look at a mountain, I think about how precisely it was formed.”


As I ponder to answer, I am here in the Valley of the Durance river…


I look at a photo of here and well…

Alpilles as seen from across the Druance's river bed with the Durance river in the foreground

When my parents first came to live here I was awe struck again by these beautiful white mountains. We would come on holidays from England to Southern France, leaving late, my parents would drive in the cool breeze of the nights and generally we kids would wake up looking at these mountains of the Luberon and the sweltering heat.

And now they live here so these mountain ranges are a part of me and as I had studied geoarchaeology I had to know about their formation now…

These mountains, the Alpilles were formed in the Jurassic -160 million years old & Cretaceous period -100 Million years ago. As if that was not mind blowing enough you have to understand that ALL CALCAREOUS ROCKS ARE OCEAN DEPOSITS and that we are in the sea – calcareous sediments – as it were!!

Because I wanted to be sure to give the correct information here in this article, I went to Google – found out that it was the archaeological weekend here in France where all museums etc were putting on events, so I went to the local one, Museum Urgonea in Orgon.

https://etudealpilles.wixsite.com/geolalpilles  Note Orgon just to the top right of the Alpilles’ formation and that is the little village museum I went to.

Mind blown about the periods and 2 geological features  

One time period is named after the town of Orgon  (Turonien – Cretaceous superior -86 million years) and another after Apt (Aptien Cretaceous inferior – 125 million years). 

Geological stratigraphy times of the Alpilles taken at the Museum of Orgon &  dating from Superior Jurassic to the Pliocene.

Plus Bauxite its name comes from the Beau de Provence region as there is a mine where the mineral is found.

This was so exciting news to me and so great to be in research mode again!!!

So next time a question invites your curiosity – dig deep 😉

Just for this one question :

  • I have googled things
  • Found out it was an archaeological weekend
  • Gone to visit a museum
  • Found out so much about the geology of the region
  • Discovered how I love to research academically too in fact
  • Made this question into an article on my website…
  • And finished the questionnaire – giving me information on my EQ (Emotional Quotient!)
  • …………………


Such is the life of a neurodivergent ^+^