What does TFL do exactly ?

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What's TFL's Methodology?

It’s a series of easy steps englobing complex problems bringing them into manageable, comprehensive neuroscientific steps.

Being a visual person I can not work blind! So for me I have to visualise it and being a scientist I see in atoms, molecules, energy levels so on and so forth.  I have found the easiest experiements to explain these complex neurological issues – initially I was talking to my children right?! – and going through many tough times so many trials and errors along the way… Many, many learning curves for you to have and know.

Armed with knowledge it is easier to push through and do the work, knowing there will be plateaux for a whild easily explains why ‘there is no progress’ but you are rewiring your neurones so it takes time… 


Depending on the traumas you have had and their depths we may have to work in conjunction with professionals who do EMDR, for example. I am not a psychologist and know my limits and would NEVER play with someone’s mind.

So these methods are life changing and so exciting to have as a perspective because having an open mind is the only way forwards.

On that note, what are your feelings about meditation? Most CEOs meditate in some form or other, wishing Drs would adopt it too for their own health, teachers could also benefit from it but here and now what about you?

In my experience spiritual coaching can only begin once the mind has the knowledge, the body is in better balance, the heart is open – NOW YOU MAY RECEIVE.

How TFL works

The steps are as follows:

Gradual change of the body’s chemistry at a cellular atomic level. This allows your lizard brain to relax too. For some of you this will be so new that at this stage of life whether you are over 50, coming up to 40 or 20 you will be destableised – like taking the training wheels off the bicycle – woobly at first right?! 

As you get used to a new molecular chemistry your mind will change too, and this opens up new perspectives. These you can at least contemplate upon them whereas before you were too ‘wound up’, ‘tightly knit’.. to even bare witness to them so that alone is bringing in change…

Your mind may find this amazing to roam freely amongst new ideas, visions, tracks (song), movements… And believe you me seeds will start to germinate in new, fresh, fertile soil that is now your brain’s play ground, because it communicates with both heart and gut.

Ideals will shift.

Results with TFL

Real life changing results are obtained and because your neuronal pathways have changed within your brain it will be difficult to go back there – but you will and do! Let’s be honest here – truth sayer am I!- The difference being that you have tools now to come to your aide. 

The biggest result I have found is that one of life’s most precious commodities – TIME – is now in abundance simply because you have learnt to live in the present moment. When you are in this time frame you are always doing things that are important to you. In the moment it may be vital to watch the chickens eating, that bird fly away, those ants hauling that crumb, staring into space – you needed that connection in that moment and then you are so much more focused you do a ton of work in what appears to be 5 minuits. Or this creative thought you had to grab it before it went away – leaving you with a plethora of work that wasn’t on the schedul – but wow how satisfying to think – wow I did that! 

So life will change for you and I sincerely hope you will grab the bull by the horns, that you have gained some knowledge and intregue from reading this, for I have had so much fun putting it together. 



Come join in the fun. The party’s about to start.

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