Why Chose This Course ?

Here is a few lines to give you an apperçu of the course and intice you to enquire about what your life may be like should you take your neurodiversity seriously, know it, love it, integrate the best of it and have the most amazing life your neurodivergency can bring you… Enjoy the journey.

1. What Type Of Neurodivergency Is Yours?

The particularities of your life & your body…

Once you know these your life will transform and you’ll wear your autism like a charm – trust me 😉

2. Starting At The Cellular Level


Changing overwhelm to ease and flow.

To change the environment  makes a change of the chemicals within your body.

Did you know that once you acknowledge a ‘stress’ you can start to change your life?

Imagine being able to forsee the anxiety coming and having a new default go to. Not the usual tightening of the stomach, shortness of breath but rather an unpliftment wonderful feeling, an intake of breathe so as to be ready and steady, before the go, go go!

Your brain runs on autopilot 95% of the time and that means you are not in the present – a bit like driving and your favorite song comes on – singing away once it’s finished are you able to give details of what was on the road?!

Once you know this you can watch out for the kind of programs you want to be running the show. Your Autism has a lot of goodness and its these we want to bring out.


3. Neuroscience 101

Rewire your brain actively – be proactive.

Imagine going down the usual road to overwhelm….. & actively visualising your neurones beginning to go down another path! 

Mins blowing – literally haha

4. Journalling & Liberation.


It is an important part of the integration system.

Get it out of your head onto paper – that you can burn afterwards and that is sooo liberating too!

Many exercises and sheets of paper to be dealt with – healing you.

6. Getting A Grip On Your Mental Fitness.

Visualisation is something NDs do a lot of. This takes our energy away – now if we could visualise from the right frontal cortex we would get into Sage mode coming back to our essence.

Your ND 5 year old self is needed before she got confused and shamed by society. Let’s bring her out of the shadows.

Although this program, the POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE PROGRAM,  is not for ND per se,  because I have taken it and am on route to being certified I co-create with Shirzad Chamine to enable a neurodivergent angle on it with many work groups (all ND) in place for the best integration.

7. Trauma.

You can now look at your traumas from a totally new perspective.

This is when the cellular unit is very powerful and great to have already understood 😉

Let go of that baloon….

8. Move To Live In Grace & Grit.


Leaving the old scared you for the new knowing yourself entirely you moves you into Grace using your Grit!

You can go from seeing yourself as a ‘gauche, socially awkward being’ to a more relaxed at ease with me kinda feel and that makes all the difference to the new life that awaits you!

🤔   So…  Why NOT Chose This Course ?