I never felt as if I belonged here on planet earth, did you?

As a child my parents would tell me ‘Catherine, get down from planet Zebra could you?’

And yes there are some sorts of gaps in my childhood where I honestly can’t say where I was…

Had to wade through school to finally get to university where things got interesting… At a certain level we learnt about cells..

Did you ever wonder what it’s like as a cell?  I would shut myself away and be like the atoms in those smaller subsections – obviously we did not have any thing remotely like the image below, I mean come on- t’was the stone ages!!! Yet I felt at home in the atomic structure of the cell, of it’s chemical reactions more precisely 😝 From there steamed life – my thoughts, ideas, how I saw…

I kept it pretty basic because I had just come in from outer space remember?

Note the difference with a plant cell. The main difference is the structure of the cell wall, which is rigid in plants and also they have chloroplasts to make their own food from the sun and carbon dioxide.

I shan’t go into the chemical reactions that make all this happen but that’s where I went during my studies – chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology – oh anything to get my hands on some form of life studies… But before one had to get through chemistry 101 etc and that was so tedious, right?

So what does all this have to do with personal development?!!

To fully understand the changes needed to be made within your world you should ideally go into the DNA level. And this is where I am so glad I did all that hard work because when we study personal development , I need to go to the cellular level for the complete understanding of the vibrational frequencies and their transformational journey.

Now I wrote an article recently about an axe  (https://catherineguimard.com/sharpen-the-axe/)

And noticed how deeply I had been cut – due to the sword of Damocles hanging over my head and often falling upon my person as I often put my foot in it – do you? But now when I do the work and when I see a pattern – so deep and sometimes the epigenetic of it, when I heal it I heal them all in one single go! 

I have been able to use this technique with several clients who put in the work. And they too are now making bounds and leaps.

Comment below if you have had this happen to you, or tag a friend who may need this particular service right now. I always love to hear your stories and shares <3