Productive Autistic Days…

We all see these infographics about productivity and how to get more sleep, exercise and all the other ways that we could be being more productive…

This is for the layman.

So what is for us? Who takes into account our brain’s wiring????? Just for the record I know that Aspergers is an outdated word but the category is sure as hell not! So being Aspergers it is being highly intelligent (not just a name but a condition folks!) and socially gauche, completely no barriers and totally out of social etiquette! laughing

Thus I shall be realting more to this category of autistic females for that is moi, and I can not compare to a person with ADHD & autism for example, save what I research and my clients’ experiences. So please do not take offence, just observe and learn possibly.

But how do we possibly add our own schedule in them?

Do they take into account our spoons & their distribution that changes not only from day to day but sometimes hour by hour???

No I think not!

Can we even try to overlap our own needs to fit on this infographic?

No I think not!

For neurodivergents can not possibly imagine what it is actually like – I say this with no emotions just a fact. Just as a person being bullied with their face down the loo, you can read up about it, watch videos, films where it occurs – but do you know how that feels? No I do not and thus I think the same for us Autistics, you can not possibly imagine the reality for at times you forget our real world and put us to shame without meaning to:

‘Oh get it together!’

‘Come on now, just get up!’ 

‘Why the long face?’ (no spoons left have I!)

‘That’s just rude!’

The list is long but you get the gist right?



So what can change our productivity?

Seriously I talk about doing something as ‘simple’ as going to bed earlier and making that a habit so as to increase our everyday beingness!

Well in a nutshell tis the Program I run – no joke. It creates new neuronal pathways inside the brain. We are not talking about redirecting old pathways, we are not talking about years and hours of personal development, nor seeing into your past traumas or events that could have caused this particular ‘trait’ – NO!

We are talking 7 weeks, thats 49 days 1176 hours, 70 560 minutes… to start to change your life.

Ok short time √

Not complex to do √

Works for neurodivergents too √

Is effective √

When can I start? √

So imagine a new life (in 49 days from now) where you are able to push through on certain things hard to do:

Going shopping for groceries is not such a chore √

People don’t get to you so much √

Triggers have a higher threshhold to kick off √

Wow I am tranquil and serene whilst feeling my anxiety disipating √

My anxiety not even kicking in until the middle of the conversation √ 

………………… √


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