Rebuilding Bonds, One Step at a Time

Healing for Neurominority Mothers

Empowering mothers to reconnect with their daughters through understanding, empathy, and specialized coaching.

Catherine Guimard - D.E.A., MSc., BSc.

As a neurominority herself, Catherine Guimard has faced the challenges of trauma and estrangement. Her personal journey from pain to healing inspired her to become the ND Visionnaire Coach. With over a decade of experience, she has dedicated her life to helping other neurominority rebuild their relationships with themselves first then their daughters. Catherine’s unique approach combines empathy, personal experience, and professional expertise to guide mothers through their healing journey.

Our Services


Personalized Coaching Sessions

One-on-one sessions tailored to address the unique challenges faced by neurominority mothers, focusing on healing and reconciliation.


Group Workshops

Interactive workshops that provide a supportive community environment, fostering shared experiences and collective healing.


Online Resources

Access a wealth of online materials, including articles, videos, and exercises designed to support your journey towards reconnection.

What Our Clients Say


Thanks to ND Visionnaire Coach, my daughter and I are closer than ever. The guidance and support provided were life-changing.

Maria L.


I never thought reconciliation was possible until I started the coaching sessions. Now, my daughter and I have rebuilt our relationship.

Jessica R.


The coaching provided me with the tools and understanding I needed to reconnect with my daughter. I am forever grateful.

Linda K.

Common Questions


What is the coaching process like?

Our coaching process is personalized to meet your unique needs, focusing on healing and rebuilding relationships with your daughter.


How long does it take to see results?

Results vary, but many clients start to see positive changes within a few weeks of consistent coaching sessions.


Is this coaching suitable for all neurominorities?

Yes, our coaching is tailored to address the specific needs of neurominority mothers, providing a supportive and understanding environment.


What are the expected outcomes?

Clients can expect improved communication, a deeper understanding of their daughter’s needs, and a stronger, more positive relationship.


How do I know if this coaching is right for me?

If you are a neurominority mother struggling to reconnect with your daughter, our coaching services are designed to help you heal and rebuild your relationship.


What makes ND Visionnaire Coach different?

We specialize in working with neurominorities, offering a unique approach that understands and addresses your specific challenges and needs.


Can I schedule a consultation before committing?

Absolutely! We offer initial consultations to discuss your needs and how our coaching can help you achieve your goals.


Are the sessions confidential?

Yes, all coaching sessions are completely confidential, providing a safe space for you to share and heal.


How do I get started?

Contact us through our website or call us directly to schedule your initial consultation and begin your healing journey.

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