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🌹 Integration of your neurodiverseness.


Because you can be 



Now let’s find out what, where, how & how fast this can happen for you 😁

NEURODIVERSITY a new word in your world?

So you have learnt that you are neurodiverse (self or professionally diagnosed). As if that was not enough you are more than likely ‘doubly gifted’ to boot!!!

This comes with it’s own set of traits to comprehend in their own right and then how that applies to your own personal experience.

Let us not forget this new discovery, whilst opening up a plethora of opportunities 🫣, leaves us in a state of light shock  (albeit a joyous one – answers at last) our neurodiverse brain tends to shut down somewhat.

So the course is adatped to you and your own neurodiversity brain.

I find myself in the incapacity to put a lineartimelinee on the course. I find that time is a neurotypical construct, for when we are concentrating and diving deep into that concentration tunnel, time is let go of… I recall when Harry Potter books came out I would literally have to place the food in the children’s mouth for them to look up and come out of Hogwarts, long enough to eat before going head down into their tunnel again – and yes I did experiments (I am a scientist – just can’t help myself!) so during these experiments I would see how long they would last without food or water -I caved in before they did always-meaning I could not let them go over 8 hours for they were little afterall.  So where were we – ah yes the length of the course… Some modules will be quickly digested whilst either will take longer to read, intergrate and percolate.

With the tools, skills and practices you will be guided, taught, helped through the toughest times… The tools will eventually lessen your triggers thus enhancing the whole of your being. I am also a tool to assist you there.

I have this unique ability to see straight to your core, together with another gift of seeing the absolute truths and telling them to you in a sacred space, allowing you to be totally honest with it all. A rare treat that most would treasure for few would tell it to you as it is. Thus you can break free by acknowledging, accepting & adjusting now you have the elements at your disposal! ^.^

1. What Type Of Neurodivergency Is Yours?

A lot of people don’t like labels, yet to learn how you are different allows one to ask better questions and to know how to push oneself so one must learn which ND one is wouldn’t you say? For example do not ask an Aspergian to do the washing up – motor skills are non existant and thus this is really tiring for them – not to mention the kitchen is in deluge form afterwards 😆…

Diving deep into the traits of your own neurodivergence so as to better know thyself and I am sure you have already amassed a lot of information giving you little practical knowledge.

Also some delve into your astrology – lightly one treads I am not an astrologer but a great believer in it all helping you to know your character traits. Afterall does not the moon influence our lives every month?! So to know that Mars is flaring up and that may have repucussions on our psyche is always helpful so as to navigate the day better.

2. Starting At The Cellular Level

Quantum physics, neurosciences an’all!

These are super exciting topics and there are so many practical aspects that you can start to do straight away that I talk about in the Masterclass.

Looking into Dr Emoto’s water crystals;

Meditation techniques to get your nervous system in equilibrium now-in the moment- that you can do anywhere;

Aligning your chakras to equilibriate the chemical imbalances of the anxiety effect within the body;

Learning about spoon theory

3. Neuroscience 101

Get my book free – to be read for your own understanding of the course 😉

You may look alright and have a superbe position, like the house but underneathe….

Yes it passes by the mind and also by the way you feed your body…

Let’s look at the types of synaptic connections you have and get those chemically more balanced.

You would be amazed at how quickly this changes your perceptions.

4. Journalling & Liberation.

It is an important part of the integration system.

A lot like cleaning your brouser’s cache memory!!

Learn the liberating experiences of freeing up karmic energy and even cleaning your chakras! Sounds unfamiliar well it is, this is so needed and so unknown.

Again simple tools and powerful techniques to guide you throuhg this.

5. Integration.

This is where you will have the most benefits.

To integrate knowledge into your everyday life is more than valuable, it is vital if progress is to be made!

This may be harder than you realise, like that last lap, or could we make it like that last portion of cheesecake?

6. Getting A Grip On Your Mental Fitness.

Here daily exercises and weekly insights onwhich to focus are the foundations of the program. It’s results can be measured using MRI images and seen after 8 weeks only! And a community to lean on & into.

This is a ground breaking program as its focus is on

  1. Habit forming new neuronal pathways
  2. Treats root causes not symptoms
  3. Developing three core muscles :
    • Saboteur Interceptor,
    • Self-Command, and
    • Being in Sage mode

As Neurodivergents we rewire our own brain thus at our own speed and how our brain is. No we are not dealing with years of therapy, going into trauma etc we are changing it simply!!

7. Trauma.

This is a game changer – trauma is a big deal and when you understand your own trauma then it is easier to learn coping mechanisms…

8. Move To Live In Grace & Grit.

Grace is the energy of our consciousness as manifested by Source /God(s) /Universe /Ether…

Grace energy elevates & transforms;

Grace will do whatever it takes to evolve, even if that entails getting through bad times;

Wear your wounds with Grace.

Grit is just to ensure one reaches that level of Grace.