The use of being self diagnosed.

Self-diagnosis is it a thing?

So however you got the idea that you were possibly neurodiverse, you have now done a few online tests. Because let’s face it now amongst ourselves we are honest and see through – one can’t do just ONE test now can one?

We can totally transparent and note: 

  • that those millions of tabs open is totally the norm for us; 
  • to have our brain switch off during the most mundane task is a thing; 
  • To have an arborescent type thinking;
  • To cut people in mid sentence for you know what they are going to say;
  • To be factual about a topic then being called ——————————— ;
  • To never quite fit in;
  • To feel as if you’re watching from a camera above filming……..

What do to about it?

Well the first thing I suggest, for this is how I went about it, is to join groups and act as if (see article here) So introduce yourself as someone who has aspergers, adhd, dyslexia…… and between you and me we KNOW we just dare not say it because “we are not drs.”  But we know when we read a description and we have a score that fits the profile that even though this is not medically viable …….

No what is medically viable is after a very long waiting period, a neurotypical psychiatrist telling me yeah or nay and they are possibly not really in the know – a lot of drs do not believe in homeopathy either for example, yet ALL drugs and medicaments come from plant molecules initially 🙂  

(As you may tell I am passionate about this topic but I shall not go into that arena for it is too big to even begin and I would rather heal than fight!)

Again the pandemic had a great impact on the diagnosis for females because as they could not do more live analysis a lot of papers were written up during 2020 and mostly about girls and women – horay & yippee for us 😀

So now what?

Now you get out there and talk about it, act as if should you not be – because frankly things are changing and unless you need it for benefits who in the workplace is to say you are or you are not? They all see and feel and know you are a little off the mark, not quite able to fit in, always coming up with outstanding ideas they have to refute, outspoken…..

So this is a new arena for you

The best way to navigate it is to be lead by the hand by someone who has already been down that road.

I have spent thousands of hours delving into my brain, my body, my spirit and none of the personal development courses, books, seminars… helped.


Well because they were not geared towards neurodiverse folks.

When I discovered that my “temper tantrum’s” were in fact sensory overload and that instead of blaming and shaming me, ‘How could you say that?’ ‘Oh just pull it together Catherine, will you!’ ‘Not in public!’, “Wow!! You spoilt brat!”, ’Not now?!’ …….. Have you heard these? Trying to shame you, they are pointing fingers at your lack of self-control, your wanting it your way…………

Well in fact you need to be calmed down, possibly have some pressure applied to stop the self harm that can occur if this does not happen – the males tend to bang their head against doors, wall punching or crouched to the ground head banging whilst the girls will just dig their nails into their bodies- arms, hands, thighs….

So no you don’t want to be shamed and guilted into anything and in fact when you calm down you find that even though you shame yourself and feel so guilty it gnaws at you because there is an injustice & until you are diagnosed (self first always) you do not even begin to comprehend the meltdown.

This is just an example of things that can happen to us during these times and how we have dealt with them in the past. Our bodies completely in anxiety mode and chemically it is very difficult to rebalance this. Recall I am a scientist so atoms & chemical reactions are my thing 🙂

Thus I made a course that I mastermind you through and we initially re-equilibrate the body’s chemistry so as to allow the neurological processes to be smoother.

Then we go to the brain and rewire all that so as to lessen the triggers baa bla blah 

What this will mean for me…

Feeling whole from the inside is a form of joy that is totally humungous. 

This is what less anxiety feels like – to have your body relax. 

To just be present in the moment without your brain rushing at thousands of miles an hour, just hundreds of miles per hour,  leisurely skipping along.

As opposed to being on the lookout for everything, you find yourself in awe of everything – colours, flowers, sky clouds, smells, textures…..

Triggers come and go and leave you like the water off a duck’s back.

Social situations won’t be smooth sailing, yet you can weather the storm in tranquility……. 


Your quality of life is changed forever.

That is what I offer Live in Content