The pirates way is very much like me and my autism anyhow…

To hoist the flag….

Only when close enough to see the other ships. The pirates looted only ships that were of extreme value to them, mainly merchant vessels and certainly did not loot the army ships that were heavily armed, and could kill them.

Their ships being smaller for agility and speed they had to only be seen at the last minute, once they had evaluated the stature of the other ship.

All pirates had their own code of conduct and their own flag too. One never really knew until they were upon you as it were…

 This is very much how we function, ready to hoist the masking flag – sometimes we do not know we are doing it, in fact most times it just becomes automatic because the enemy, all vessels in the end loom largely above us and masking is the only protection we may have.

Here we are already wobbly out at sea on such a small boat when we see coming towards us a huge boat, with all that it comprises…

Stronger waves, more people, colours, smells and goodness knows what is going on in the boat..

Are they all busy cleaning the deck?

How many are there on board?

What is their code of conduct?

What does this flag really mean?

Will we be expected to do something special?

What language do they speak?

Will my hyper-senses be in overload with all this information?

See how huge this ship is? The brightness of it? Can you imagine yourself on that ship and totally at a loss? 

So yes you will always find yourself ready to hoist your flag…

And in this module we will discover your particular hypersensitivities so as to prepare your brain to have the wherewithal to take the extra second needed to change the route of the nervous impulse before it goes into fear mode. 

Now please do not think I am saying that we change autistics brains, no that is not at all what I say and this is why we do have modules 2, 3 & 4 to obtain knowledge of the body at a cellular level so as to understand its functions and functionings enabling us to live in lesser anxiety/fear lower and denser frequencies and more in a higher frequency vibration of love. 

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