Here's What I Can Offer

For ND females to have breakthroughs we need to shut our thoughts off be in true silence. Enabling you to reach that space is my service to thee.

The white boxes are mentorship, spirituality, atom frequencies…

The green online stuff – website, marketing…

Mentoring 101 – Here wear these!



Having a brain that is wired differently can & does cause issues – & don’t we know it!


Let us be solution minded and get agrip on all of this so that our own lives can be turned around – instnatly sometimes 😬


I hold the vastness of space and time so you can have the void needed to conquer your demons one at a time.

Head over here to see why me 🤍💯😂




In a completely save environment – jsut like the baby here you too can be held by other neurodiverse women and grab a brush to wipe down the sand!


Off you go now, clean and soft!

Spiritually Young


So for me spirituality passes by the atom state and the ether too.

With these courses – either more alone, online here or rather mentored through it here, it is for me vital. You see spirituality is as simple as going out for a walk, listening to the birds… it is so simple and vital.

Spiritual online course – 🚂 on boarding here

Spiritual mentored course – 🚝 on boarding here

You can also book sessions above – 🚞 here

Ah yes, Branding revamp style you!

a green person with a tree coming out it's head and 10 arms. In each hand there is a different object: a brush, mirror, flower & birds, book, clock, leaf, pen, broom, picture frame, bowl. It is sitting in a lotus postion on the floor. It has a light coming out of its heart chakra.  To the left hand side  there is a canvas and paints, a crystal ball, some lit candles, water, flowers and books and crystals on the right hand side. It is sitting in front of an arch with light.

Again this will take into account your uniqueness, whether you are stepping into your neurodiversityness or not. Either way tis always good to have a revamp of the you you protray for you are a human that is busy BEING. And that, my friend, causes change!

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You can also learn

Video fun 🍿🎥

Quick marketing boosters 🚏 … Google My Business, SEO …


Transform your articles into paying ebooks

Woman walking on birds - who have their wings out as they are flying - she is walking seemingly on air


My own divorce turned into an ebook and I found it not only cathartic but lucrative to boot!

So this is a ‘quickie’ to get you to that place too – trusting you don’t have to go through a divorce first 🤭

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Coaching on how to use your website

Catherine & client having a coaching session on learning how to use the website... Screenshots of fun times


Had a client ask me once and it was such a blast – her ADHD brain clicking everywhere, having to go back, no not there…. A hoot

So now I offer that too

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Who is Catherine anyway? 

Published Author

Published Author on Amazon

Singularity University

Head of Social Media at the Bordeaux chapter of Singularity University

Head of Social Media – Bordeaux Chapter Singularity University.


Mastermind Experience

Mindset Coach at Mastermind Level at DEA

Coach to Entrepreneurs.

Mental Fitness Coach

Speaker in the Global Mindset Summit

Speaker at Global Summit Event during 1st Global lockdown


Elected Public Speaker of the Group