Should you be at all interested in the insights gained from having a right brain experience, just listen to Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s experience.  ‘A neuro brain anatomist documenting her own brain shut down during a stroke’ she even had the foresight to think as she was going through this wondrous experience.

Whilst I understand that this may be scary for some of you, to whom a right brain experience has never occurred, and this is your first encounter with such a thought, yes you may well be somewhat put off. OR you could think ‘Wow, this I gotta try!’ 

Either way, I would just like to state: This is a full-blown stroke, heart attack with a clot the size of a golf ball. It is not a common occurrence to survive this or have the wherewithal to be able to document it in such detail.

Suffice to say for us here on planet earth the right side brain experience is a very pleasant, joyous feeling where we open up and feel our hearts will burst with overflowing love for everyone, everything. It comes in peaks and can last a long time, for my part several days at a time. I envisage living forever in this mode.


Welcome to my world. 


Before the program, I only had moments like this, where the gratitude I felt for all beings and things – although mother always said I was a very happy being until one day something happened and I was never the same ¨:¨  So I have my share of atoms mixing and melting into one être and that may be the reason I studied chemistry and see everything in atoms (see about me section). 


One thing is sure is that I have changed my life around (& see testimonial) and so my program can really have an impact on your life, as I trust it will, if you allow it to.