Just like that baby – you shall be held, not care about the sand on your feet – in fact you’ll really like it for a change 😲…. This new you 🥰

Because of the pandemic and its implications, we have to changed our outlook on life, for the better in my humble opinion.

‘I don’t go into work on weekends any more. I would rather see my family or friends or just chill and reenergise myself to be honest’

So here we just meet to chill and possibly avoid a meltdown, depressed state, share a view point, talk as we would to our besties…


All the info is below. Note that you subscribe for 3 months minimum committment to yourself, to give this a go, to create 🎨 .   That way you can knwo where you’ll be having your morning beverage for the trimester to come on the third saturday of each month. If you can not make a session you can always reprogram it 😉🎊

25€ per month

Zoom away 🏎️

Everyone is now familiar with Zoom so tis nice that one knows the codes for NDers 

  • Cameras on or off 
  • Leave when you want no questions asked
  • Can butt in a conversation – not rude 😉


Break out rooms 👯‍♀️
  • What I love about these is that you can mix and match.
  • I am not in the room too long so if the person and I have different points of view – tis not so triggerine
  • We get to speak to more peeps ✅&❎
  • I can always stay in the main room too


Join late, leave early 🌀

No fixed rules – although I know the more energy I give the more I get out.

Some days I may be the talkative one

Others the quiet one

There is no way to be here – I can totally be me

Meltdowns supported 🤗

I once had a meltdown in the middle of a call… Because they were NTs it did not go down well – I vowed to always have room and space for any and every behaviour type with no jugement 🫶🙏🫶
That is normal to me but just putting it out there!

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