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1. What Type Of Neurodivergency Is Yours?

Here we shall see how your neurodivergence affects your life in the mondaine daily routines.

Traits, characteristics…

Enough of just hoisting the flag (masking) when we see ‘the enemy’ (who is the enemy?!).

Embrace the journey so as to not have to hoist your flag at all times!

We differ in that we shall too integrate society as a whole with tolerance, acceptance and it being not a thing in fact rather just like the colour of your eyes…


Although Pirates are seen as outcasts by society they have a certain code of ethics nonetheless. They were very knowledgeable sailors, planners of raids and attacks of specific ships providing supplies and that is why pirates would take items that were of little value at a market, but in high demand on the sea. Yet to profit, the pirates needed to sell the goods. This is where the black market and safe harbors came into play where the pirates could trade their loot without questions
With changing economic and political policies, piracy itself had to change in order to adapt to the new systems. Eventually though, piracy reached the end when they were no longer needed because of the nations no longer requiring their help because they had become settled in the area and did not want the pirates attacking them.

2. Starting At The Cellular Level 

Now this is crutial as simple atoms get caught in a vibrational field of your thoughts and become a reality – your reality!

So we shall be looking at the ways you can know the process so as to influence it.

Quantum physics, neurosciences an’all! 

3. Neuroscience 101

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Here we delve a lot more into the brain and the nervous system for that way you can know how to get back to the essence of us.

This has been so eroded by society and it’s norms..

4. Journalling & Liberation.


It is an important part of the integration system.  

Humans must write to liberate the brain’s bandwidth so as to fill it up again…

5. Integration.

Now to the practicality of it all.

Here one must align the emotions with the ongoing growth process.

Going up the spiral of the energetic emotional ladder to the ultimate enlightenment rung.  Let us remain humble and aim for gratitude for only the very select few reach the top (Buddha…)

6. Getting A Grip On Your Mental Fitness.

Using the Positive Intelligence program we integrate the use of the ‘right frontal lobes’ using very simple techniques and excercices every day for 6 weeks the rewiring of your neurones by you can be started. This program I found to be incredibilby beneficial for me and my totally melted down teen – hysterical on the floor. Within 5 minutes – five minutes – the teen was quiet, alert, then smiling and calm!!!

Although this program is not for ND because I have taken it and am on route to being certified I co-create with Shirzad Chamine to enable a neurodivergent angle on it with many work groups (all ND) in place for the best integration.

7. Trauma.

One has to know that most neurodivergents suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). 

I personally have a lot of work done here and I only found this out late 2021!! My mind was blown, a lot of work has been done here and added.

This is when the cellular unit is very powerful and great to have already understood 😉

8. Move To Live In Grace & Grit.


Grace is the energy of our consciousness as manifested by Source/God(s)/Universe/Ether…

Grace energy elevates & transforms;

Grace will do whatever it takes to evolve, even if that entails getting through bad times;

Wear your wounds with Grace.

Grit is just to ensure one reaches that level of Grace.

 What to do now?


Should you be thinking about joining (what a question – sign me up!) there will be a selection process.

I also want your queries to be answered so our first session, gifted, you will come with an inquisitive calmness, and make an informed decision to be ready for work straight out the gate.

Should you have burning questions use the WhatsApp buttons at the bottom of the page or in the menu above to leave me your questions.