NEURODIVERSITY a new word in your world?

So you have learnt that you are neurodiverse (self or professionally diagnosed). As if that was not enough you are more than likely ‘doubly gifted’ to boot!!!

This comes with it’s own set of traits to comprehend in their own right and then how that applies to your own personal experience.

Let us not forget this new discovery, whilst opening up a plethora of opportunities 🫣, leaves us in a state of light shock  (albeit a joyous one – answers at last) our neurodiverse brain tends to shut down somewhat.

So the course is adatped to you and your own neurodiversity brain.

I find myself in the incapacity to put a lineartimelinee on the course. I find that time is a neurotypical construct, for when we are concentrating and diving deep into that concentration tunnel, time is let go of… I recall when Harry Potter books came out I would literally have to place the food in the children’s mouth for them to look up and come out of Hogwarts, long enough to eat before going head down into their tunnel again – and yes I did experiments (I am a scientist – just can’t help myself!) so during these experiments I would see how long they would last without food or water -I caved in before they did always-meaning I could not let them go over 8 hours for they were little afterall.  So where were we – ah yes the length of the course… Some modules will be quickly digested whilst either will take longer to read, intergrate and percolate.



With the tools, skills and practices you will be guided, taught, helped through the toughest times… The tools will eventually lessen your triggers thus enhancing the whole of your being. I am also a tool to assist you there.



I have this unique ability to see straight to your core, together with another gift of seeing the absolute truths and telling them to you in a sacred space, allowing you to be totally honest with it all. A rare treat that most would treasure for few would tell it to you as it is. Thus you can break free by acknowledging, accepting & adjusting now you have the elements at your disposal! ^.^

In this coaching program with me, you will gain:

Degas's ballet dancers in unison - a sense of belonging

1. Gained Sense of Self.

Being more of the group, less feeling left out.

Only one who is neurodivergent, can walk the talk.

Only one who is, will completely understand you, push you, enable YOU to see how these traits are of use to you and help you by giving you tools for your own use.

A peer brings out the gem you have within you and shows you how to enjoy the journey.

2. Resilience.

Able to see triggers, know how they work at a cellular level…

What is amazing here is that afterwards we are in a sort of shock at our abilities about dealing with triggers now. Like the owl .^.

Degas's ballet dancers in unison - a sense of belonging

3. Savvy & Wise

A cellular journey to allow you to ‘see’ into your body and better understand how to change it’s chemistry using simple techniques.

Allowing those anxiety moments to be just that – moments, as opposed to days, weeks, months…

Degas's ballet dancers in unison - a sense of belonging

4. Clarity by writing.

Once the brain has let go of the pattern/trauma, there is space again and you can fill that up with anything you wish. … Journaling is a great tool to get you there, or drawing, painting, doodling, playing solitaire with real cards… Or you can use these tools for integration too ^¨^

Here we’ll work with filling it up with LOVE & KINDNESS TO THE SELF.

Degas's ballet dancers in unison - a sense of belonging

5. Authoritative and Self-Possessed 


Integration is key. Once the trigger found, acknowledged it is now time to accept what is.

Integration equates freedom.


Degas's ballet dancers in unison - a sense of belonging

6. The Essence of You Brought Back to the Forefront

Rewiring of neurones made possible by neuroplasticity, we know this now.

Using simple exercises daily this is a gem and allows the whole of you of ‘yesteryear’ to come back in full swing – here is my essence 😬  (even in the emoji!!)

Degas's ballet dancers in unison - a sense of belonging

7. Happy and Joyful

Now the joy within you can shine. The mantis shrimp (photo) is among the most heavily armed of all animals and it’s tiny!

Your wounds are healing and the armour will soon fall away, naturally.

Degas's ballet dancers in unison - a sense of belonging

8. Move to Live In Grace & Grit

Go from the old way you used to see yourself to the new delightfully fun to be with, poised, refined you – as you see yourself now! No longer so anxious, triggers are lessened and yup I am able to stop them overtaking me.

Start your life using your neurodiversity as a power rather than it rendering you powerless.

I love this image because all my life I have seen myself as the fat girl – and now I am more the thinner sexy woman that I am!

Just to quickly place a disclamer here – I am not saying that your physical body will change from the female on the left to the female on the right, I am saying that :

    • because you changed your body chemistry the anxiety will do less damage plus you shall also feel less of it;
    • because you are working on your neuroplasticity the triggers will lessen – again enhancing the cellular chemistry;
    • because you are having less anxiety, less triggers you can now learn to be kind to yourself and self love is a great healer;
    • because your perspective has changed, your neurones rewired, you may tap into the great neurodiversity strengths that are yours;
    • because of all the above you stop seeing yourself as the female on the left and and more as the female you are on the right. 

You will ALWAYS get triggered, have anxiety, and bouts of doubt (woman on the left) – we are neurodiverse after all but their degree lessens and their frequencies too.

🤔   More information? 🌷😬